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  • Matha3ad42e51d0be6037a998ff0000d3f2d9

    Matha Thay


    Just like everyone else, I first arrived in New Zealand with a sense of eagerness to try new things. My homestay mom and sister, who is a fellow Edgewater College International student, welcomed me warmly the moment I landed with my Dad. We spent the next couple of days touring a bit around Auckland’s fine suburbs.

    At Edgewater College, you get to choose from quite a wide range of classes so, being able to take the class you like or that catches your attention won’t be hard. It wasn’t hard at all for me. I got to take five classes that really held my attention as well as had the opportunity to have each class every day. The teachers are super supportive and helpful. They encouraged me to ask questions, make mistakes, learn from them and work with the other students in class, who I might add are also super friendly.

    I am awfully content with my choice to come to New Zealand and Edgewater College. I hope you decide to give it a chance too.

  • Meme

    Hai My (Meme) Nong


    My name is Nong Hai My and I am 17 years old from Tuyen Quang province, Hanoi, Vietnam. Currently, I am pursuing year 11 studies at Edgewater College and I would like to share my experiences with someone who intends to study in New Zealand.

    I had chosen to study at Edgewater College because it is a very good High School with excellent facilities. The school uniforms are very unique and smart looking and the teachers are very enthusiastic, friendly and helpful. When I first come to New Zealand my English was not very good, but thanks to excellent experienced teachers who have supported and helped me, after a few months my English has improved a lot. For the first two weeks of school, when everything was new to me, the senior students showed me around school and escorted me to every classroom. They are very friendly and I appreciated their help.

    In my class, there are many international students who come from different countries such as Brazil, Japan, China, Thailand and others. I really enjoy studying at this school as I made a lot of friends from different countries and I had a great time studying with them. We also have some outdoor activities such as swimming, and diving at Goat Island and visiting some beautiful places around Auckland.  

    New Zealand is known as a peaceful and safe country. I believe the multicultural social environment and the beautiful natural environment makes it a perfect place for me to study.

  • Anita

    Anita Kuhnle


    Edgewater College is close to Auckland City and also not too big. You learn so much about the different cultures at Edgewater. Everyone was friendly and helped me if I needed help. The family I stayed with was so nice and friendly and it really felt like home there. I could feel that they cared about me and so I never felt alone or anything. They were amazing!! I joined the school basketball team and the rowing team and had a great time. I learned so much new stuff about other cultures and that is just really impressive. Just being in a foreign country makes you more mature and self-confident.

  • Yurina

    Yurina Harano


    My name is Yurina Harano, I’m from Japan but I have been staying in New Zealand for about three years and came to Edgewater College this year. 

    I really like Edgewater College because there are many school events such as the school ball and special culture days. These events were really exciting and the students also enjoy some clubs too. Some of those clubs include basketball, rowing and volleyball. I’m taking five subjects that include English, Maths, Textiles and ESOL. I like Textiles the most because I love fashion. 

    At Edgewater College there are many students from different countries. I’m really interested in different cultures, so it is very exciting at the school. I’m really enjoying my homestay too. I have one younger sister, three younger brothers, two cats and two dogs. I often play games, watch movies and we go to the beach, cinema and shopping centre with my host family. I really like Auckland as it has many fashionable shops, delicious foods and a lot of fun things to do. The countryside is really green. 

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